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Life about AKA

AKA Handprint and Decoration Day ;> Excittttttttting!!! Lol

We want to become a Picasso??!!! No!!
It’s handprinting day!!!#Fun#Exciting!!! :>>
LUV something new with all AKA members!!! <333
Finally!! We built AKA handprint tree!!#Lovely!#Awesome day!


Gina and Rachel!! What are you guys doing?! O.o??

Hummmm… Maybe, discussing to pick best handprint???!! >.<

Or perhaps they are scrutinizing the work of their co-workers… OmO

Guess what color did Jake picked!!! Does anyone know??? ;>


Finished Masterpiece!!#Named AKA tree!!#Beautiful!#Awesome!!!:P <333

LUV this Sooooooooooooo muuuuuccchhh!!! Lol

It is now handing proudly in the 4th floor office.

Want to see this??!! Come and Visit AKA Tree!!! <333