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 What does EDGE2EDGE have what other EDU APPs don’t

Various Learning methods
With expression card, Listen, Speak, Compare pronunciation.
Playing game with real other users

Play game with english expressions that you learned.

Learn as you are having communication with real native english speakers. 

Practice english as having communication for real.

Coin and Crystal

Learn further with Coin that you gain by study and game


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Edge Speaking


EDGE Speaking

What is EDGE Speaking?

A mobile app that offers opportunity to practice TOEIC TOEFL oPIC speaking test in actual condition

Practice speaking by part
To overcome weakness EDGE offers sectional test

By re-recording, it is possible to practice over and over again to improve speaking

What does coin do on EDGE Speaking?

Score prediction

EDGE approximate real test score.

Grammar editing

All grammar errors are edited by native english speakers

Audio to Text

EDGE offers script of users’ audio files

What is ‘coin’?

‘Coin’ is a coin for EDGE’s premium services


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One to one english tutoring service Picto

One to one native english speaking mentoring service Picto

Enjoy one to one english tutoring service with Picto! Just express anything after seeing an algorithmically generated pictures! We are waiting for your text messages!img_picto_iphone2



It is an mobile application that offers you a picture and you can express anything with the picture

Chatting based all new tutoring

With native speakers, just feel comfortable to study english.

Best way to improve your grade

With using Picto for 3 months, you will be able to find incredible ESL exam grade.


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